Who we are

Maguari takes its name from a breed of South American Stork; the bird that is traditionally known in folklore to deliver the baby to new parents. Maguari was born in 2012 when two established baby product distributors from U.K and Netherlands (Bibs and Stuff and ISI Babyartikelen bv) came together to form one corporate identity.

Maguari’s ambition is to provide the most innovative, stylish and useful baby and children’s products throughout Europe.

As an organisation we believe that we can make life easier for parents of young children by offering them high-end, problem solving products. We do this by selecting the right brands with great ideas, developing innovative products and bringing these to our market from all over the world.

We are a proud member of Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and Baby Products Association (BPA) . BSCI is an organization which supports companies by activities and providing tools to improve working conditions in factories. The BPA was established in 1945 with the objective of promoting the baby and nursery products sector in the UK as well as in Europe. They play an active role in the development of product standards.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us.

What we do

Our first priority is to make life easier for parents with young children with high-end, innovative and problem solving products. We have an extensive distribution network throughout Europe which is constantly expanding, supplying many sub-distributors, agents and retailers with the latest baby and children’s products.

Our portfolio of global brands includes Potette Plus, Oops, Cheeky Chompers , Slumber Wunder, Miracle Blanket, Bebe au Lait, Twistshake, Melobaby, Beaba and Jahgoo. ISI Mini, Teddy and XQC are our own brands that are developed in the Netherlands. We also develop private label products for corporate retailers.